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Adding New Products

The Products screen allows you to see a detailed overview of your products. They can be organised and sorted by using the filter options at the top of the page. Any amendments to the products can also be made here.

The first screen shows your entries which you can quickly filter by using the filtering options at the top of the page or search for the specific product by using a keyword or phrase that the product contains in the search bar.

Here you can also make quick edits to the products such as their selling price, the category/brand it falls under. You can also add images and product descriptions.


1)  To add a new product manually to your inventory you will need to click on the ‘Add New Product’ button.


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2) Simply fill in the required boxes and ensure the product information and details are correct. If you would like to assign an image to the product this can be done here, ensure it is a PNG or JPEG/JPG file type. Select Product has image and then Choose file to upload your image then select Replace Current Image to display the image in the button.


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3) Enter a selling price, purchase price and VAT for the product if required. If you would like to track inventory, please check this text box to track stock levels of your inventory. You can also set an alert by ticking the Low Stock Alert box indicated and enter a quantity alert.


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The suppliers price can be entered if you have that information available to you. You will need to enter a selling price into the field above before you can start selling the product. An alert can be set for products that reach below a certain quantity. A warning will appear on the dashboard if a product reaches this quantity. To enable this you will need to insert the product quantity and alert level.


4) Tick whether the product has a variant (e.g different size/flavours or versions of the product) which will expand the section with a button that says Add Variant. Click this to generate textboxes to enter the data for the variants.


This option will allow a pop-up to be triggered on the front-end, presenting you with the various options of that product once selected.


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5) Products can also be edited or deleted by selecting either the Edit button or Delete button which are shown as the pencil icon and ‘X’ button on the right hand side of the product. Simply make any edits on the next screen by re-entering text into the fields and selecting the correct categories and options.


6) Set the Product Visibility by selecting the outlet to assign the product, if more than one outlet has been created on the domain. If so, checking the Shareable checkbox will allow the product to be saved in all outlets.


You will also have the option to prevent other outlets from changing a price of a product via the Lock price feature.



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7) Click Submit to add this product to the inventory. All that is left to do now is to add it to the selling layout on the front end.

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