Product Information

Product Information

Product Description*: A description of the product used as a reference when editing the product or when downloading the product list.

Display Name: The text written on the icons that appear on the selling screen if no image is used.

Barcode*: If you’ve ordered a barcode scanner, you can input the barcode written on the product to make sure the system recognizes it when being scanned.

Product SKU*: Used as a reference when editing the product or when downloading the Product Inventory/Stocktake sheet. If left blank this will be autogenerated. You can turn this off, or choose whether it autogenerates as alphanumeric or numeric in SettingsGlobal Settings.

Weight*: Used purely for reference.

Loose Product*: When selling loose products such as coffee beans, having this option enabled will allow you to input the weight of the product to calculate the price. Please note that the selling price for the product has to be based PER KILO.

Product Tags*: Tags can be used for more specific reporting as you can choose to report by tags, and you can apply more than one tag to the product. Tags are also shown at the end of day reports along with the categories.

Label as Main*: This allows you to keep track of covers when customers are ordering mains if your cover calculation mode is set to “Smart Cover”. You can change the cover calculation mode in SettingsGlobal Settings.

Open Price Product*: This allows you to input the price manually every time the product is selected on the app.

Account Code*: Only used if you have an accounting system such as Xero, Quickbooks or Freeagent enabled.


* = This is an optional field.