Adding New Products

How to add new products to your system

Adding New Products

Please note that when you add a new product, you will also need to add it to the selling layout so it will appear on the front end.

To add a new product manually to your inventory you will need to click on the ‘Add New Product’ button. Then click on the link to the different sections below to learn more about each section.


1) Product Details 

product details

2)Product Information

product information

3)Product Images

Product Images

4)Product Prices and VAT 

prices and vat

5)Goodeats Settings

Goodeats section


add variant

7) Inventory



ingredients pic


modifiers pic

Product Visibility 

Product visibility

Product Printing

printing preferences

Duplicate Existing Products

You can also use duplicate an existing product. To do this, click the pen icon to edit your chosen product.

Then select the Duplicate Product button at the top right:Then edit the product as you wish.