SumUp POS Payment Integration Options

What payment processors you can use with your SumUp POS


Using SumUp card readers with your SumUp POS system will be the best integration. It's quick and easy to setup! We currently support the SumUp air reader and the SumUp 3G reader. There's more on the differences between SumUp POS and SumUp card readers here


We support Zettle readers 1 and 2. See here for how to set up reader 1 and reader 2


We support a few models of readers:

Unintegrated payments

While we recommend using one of the above methods, you can still make payments on your reader if it's not integrated with your POS. To do this, on your POS app, go to cog > Settings > Payment Settings > toggle on "card". Then when you come to pay off a sale, tap PAY > then manually enter in the amount on your reader and let the reader process it. Then when the reader confirms the payment is successful, tap Card on the POS.



  1. I have a supported model of reader but with a different payment gateway (Barclaycard/Payworks etc) - will it still work?
    1. No, it will need to go through one of our integrated payment providers. Otherwise you can use the reader in unintegrated mode.
  2. Are you likely to add any more payment integrations?
    1. Not at this time.
  3. I can see other integrations currently listed on your POS app, under Settings > Payment Settings - can I integrate with these?
    1. No, only the ones listed on this page - we are currently moving away from some previously supported integrations due to reliability and stability concerns.