How to connect your Dojo machine

How to connect your Dojo machine to your Goodtill POS app

The Backend

You will need to request the API Key and API Host from Dojo/PaymentSense, and add the information into the Goodtill back office. 

To add this go to Apps > PaymentSense, and select “Version 3” from the API version dropdown:


The API key will look something like this ‘d6b8c09f-f7c8-4d43-abd3-fba86ca4dgh5’

The API Host is a URL will look something like this: ‘ ’. When adding the API Host on the back office please add ‘https://’ and then the URL:

Then just select “Save Settings”

The Frontend

Refresh your POS app by tapping the logo at the top left. 

On the Dojo machine, tap the menu icon at the top left > Settings > Card Machine Mode > Enter supervisor code (if you don't know this contact your terminal provider - Goodtill does not keep a record of the code) > Select Pay at Counter

Then on the POS app, refresh again by tapping the logo at the top left, then go to the cog at the top right > Settings > Payment Settings > Enable PaymentSense. 

Now when you process a sale and press Pay, tap PaymentSense, and the amount should appear on the reader.