Difference between the SumUp Payments Account and the SumUp POS Enterprise Account

How to differentiate between your SumUp POS and payments accounts

Terminology can be tricky when first using our systems, so read below to understand the differences!


This is what was the former 'Goodtill' product. It is an iPad based EPOS.  It combines interactive interface, stock management, reporting, loyalty programs, and online ordering to transform your point of sale. 

You access the POS back office via the pos.thegoodtill.com website, and contact the POS teams via the methods here

SumUp Payments

SumUp payments allows you to transact and take money from your customers. SumUp has many types of card readers available.

You access your payments account via the me.sumup.com website, and contact the SumUp teams via the methods here



  1. I've been a longstanding customer of SumUp payments, and I'm now getting set up with the POS as well - do I need to create a new SumUp payments account?
    1. No - just let your installation engineer know that you already have a SumUp account, and give them the MID. Have a read of this page so you can connect your SumUp account properly to your POS account. 
  2. Can I have one login for both systems?
    1. At the moment, you will need two separate logins for the POS and payments account each. 
  3. I've been a longstanding customer of SumUp POS, and I'm interested in getting SumUp payments as well, how do I go about this?
    1. Just pop an email through to our lovely Account Management Team at pos.cs.uk.ie@sumup.com and they'll talk you through it!