Zettle Reader 2

How to setup your Zettle reader

First, ensure that you have the right card reader! The Zettle card reader 2 has a green button at the bottom right. If it has a blue tick then please have a look at the article for the Zettle reader 1. 


Turn the reader on via the power button at the top of the reader. The reader should display a number. 

Ensure that the Bluetooth is enabled on your iPad (Settings > Bluetooth > Enable) and please also ensure that the SumUp POS app has permission to access Bluetooth. To check this go to the Settings on your iPad > Privacy > Bluetooth > Enable for SumUp POS. 

Then on your SumUp POS app go to the cog at the top right > Settings > Payment Settings > Enable Zettle > Zettle settings. Sign into your Zettle account (please note that the SumUp POS support team won't have a record of your Zettle login details). 

Select Card Readers > Select your card reader using the corresponding number. Tap on the card reader with the right number and then compare the code on both screens and confirm on the Zettle reader by pressing the tick. This will pair the reader and now you're ready to take payments!