Supported Hardware

The following is correct as of March 2024.


SumUp POS's applications will run on any tablet with the required operating system version.

All SumUp POS's iOS applications (POS, KDS, Stock) require iOS 13 or above. 

Any Apple iPad capable of running iOS 11 is supported by these applications. Currently, the oldest supported devices are the iPad Air and iPad Mini 2. For security reasons, we recommend using an iPad that is still receiving security updates from Apple. You can check which iPads support the latest version of iOS on the following Wikipedia page. iPad Pro devices with larger displays are also supported.

The SumUp POS CDS application requires Android version 5.0 or higher. It is designed to run on tablets with a minimum display size of 7″. We recommend running the CDS application on a recent model of Kindle Fire tablet.

Please be aware that minimum operating system versions required by SumUp apps will change over time, therefore we recommend using recent hardware when possible.

Test Flight requires iOS 13

The Apple Test Flight app, required to install beta versions of SumUp POS apps, requires iOS 13. Therefore, you must use a recent model iPad to install the SumUp POS app betas.

USB & Ethernet devices

For connecting Apple iPads to USB devices, SumUp POS recommends using the official Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter as third-party adapters have proven to be less reliable. This adapter can be combined with a USB-A to Ethernet adapter to provide a wired internet connection.

Receipt printers

The following receipt and ticket printers are supported in the latest version of the POS application:

Printer model Notes
Star Micronics TSP100 Recommended model for general-purpose use.
LAN, USB or Bluetooth models supported. (please note we do not usually recommend Bluetooth models)
Star Micronics SP700 This model for is for kitchen use only (images and receipts are not supported).
LAN models supported.
Star Micronics TSP650

An older model can be used instead of the TSP100.
LAN and Bluetooth models are supported. (please note we do not usually recommend Bluetooth models)

TSP654IISK - This printer model only supports sticky labels.

Star Micronics mC-Print2 The receipt paper size is smaller than the standard.
LAN, USB and Bluetooth modes are supported.
Star Micronics mC-Print3

LAN, USB and Bluetooth modes are supported.

Please note the 'ECO' models are not supported

Cash drawers

All cash drawers with an RJ11 port supported by one of the above Star Micronics printers are supported.


The Star Micronics BUZZER RMB-24 buzzer is supported for the TSP100, MC-Print2 and MC-Print3 series printers. 

Barcode scanners

Please see this dedicated article regarding supported barcode scanners.


Supported Integrated Payment Providers


An end-to-end Payment Platform offering Card Terminals, Mobile Apps and more. SumUp Air and Solo readers supported.

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Zettle by PayPal

Offering a suite of financial products including Payments, Point-of-Sale, Funding and partner applications.

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Providing Merchant Services including Card Machines and Payment Gateways. Both the Ingenico models and the Dojo card readers are supported.

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