Optimising your SumUp card reader account to work with your SumUp POS account

Setting up and accessing your SumUp card reader account to work correctly with your SumUp POS account

Please note that the below steps are advised if you are using SumUp POS and SumUp card readers together.

If you are only using SumUp payments, please instead refer to the articles here.

  1. Access and verify your SumUp account

    1. Ensure that you can login to your SumUp account, and that you have completed any verification steps for your SumUp account.
    2. The verification request emails will come from the SumUp onboarding team so it's essential that you check your inbox for any requests from the SumUp onboarding team for verification information (check your junk and spam!). 
  2. Set up your SumUp profile(s)

    1. If you are using more than one iPad to take orders, you will need to set up a different SumUp profile (under your main profile) for each iPad.  SumUp call these "employee profiles" and this is very important if you use multiple iPads and multiple card readers. 
    2. Please follow the steps here for how to set this up in your SumUp account. 
    3. Ideally, each iPad will be logged into a separate employee profile, and each iPad will be linked to one card reader.
  3. Check you can make payments and refunds through the POS app

    1. Follow the steps here to link your reader with your iPad. 
    2. Then perform a transaction by going to the main selling screen on the iPad, add something your basket > Pay > SumUp.
    3. Then ensure you can do refunds by going to cog > Previous Transactions > Refund > Tick the items in the sale > Confirm > Process Refund. If you see an error, just ensure that your SumUp account is connected from the POS back office by going to Apps > SumUp > Connect your SumUp account.

  4. Check your SumUp payouts

    1. Ensure that the right bank account is connected to your SumUp account so that you can get paid correctly!

    2. Understand when to expect your payouts from SumUp.

    3. And how to reconcile them with your SumUp POS reports.