KDS Troubleshooting

How best to troubleshoot any problems with your KDS

There are a few reasons why your orders may not show on the KDS, this article will address the most common reasons. 

If you're just looking to set the KDS up, then please follow the link here

  1. KDS settings are not toggled on properly
    1. To identify/fix - on the KDS app, go to the cog at the top right > Settings > Display Settings. Ensure that the right orders are toggled on. If you are unable to select any of the options, then this means that they have been preset from the back office. 
    2. If they have been preset  from the back office, then log into pos.thegoodtill.com > Setup > F&B Settings > View Kitchen Displays > Use the blue pencil icon to edit the settings and assign the right "printing" options. Remember to press Submit and refresh on the KDS app and POS app by tapping the logo at the top left. 
  2. The products have not been setup properly
    1. To identify/fix, take one product and log into the back office pos.thegoodtill.com > Products > Product List > Search for the product > Edit the product, and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Check to see if the correct "send to drinks" and/or "send to kitchen" is enabled for the product. 
    2. If the product has variants, it's essential to click into each individual variant to check the "print" settings. 
    3. If you make any changes, remember to press Submit and refresh on the KDS app and POS app by tapping the logo at the top left. 
  3. The iPad cannot communicate properly with the KDS
    1. To identify, on the POS app, go to the cog at the top right > at the bottom of the options menu tap on where it says "App Version". On the screen, then tap on Sync Status. It should show as below:
      File_000 (1)
      (You can also do this on the KDS iPad > Cog > Sync Status). 
    2. Here you can see the KDS iPad ( - showing as a green status. If the KDS iPad doesn't show, or shows but with a red status, then this means that the two iPads are struggling to see each other. 
    3. If the status is green but it's not working:
      1. Tap on the device name to 'ping' it. If it pings through, that's good, and it's most likely that your KDS or product settings aren't correct. 
      2. You can then try to resend any previous orders that didn't go through, from the POS app > cog > App Version > tap on KDS logs > find the order > tap on "Send again". 
      3. If it doesn't ping through, try the steps below for red status.
    4. If the status is red or the iPad doesn't show:
      1. Ensure both iPads' app versions are up to date.
      2. Check both iPads are connected to the internet!
      3. Then restart both iPads.
      4. Then check that in the Settings both iPads > Settings > Privacy > Local Network > check it is enabled for the POS and KDS app. 
      5. On both iPads, also check iPad Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-lock is set to never.
      6. In the settings for the iPad running the POS app > Settings > Location Services > check it is enabled for the POS app
      7. Then try the sync status on the POS app again - note that both iPads will need to be running their apps in full screen for them to "see" each other. 
      8. If you're still having problems, try out our Testflight version of the KDS by following the link here.