Common Reporting Queries

Common reporting problems and questions and how to resolve them

  1. How can I see my VAT sales?

    1. It's best to see this from the Sales Report. This will show you your VAT sales along the right hand side.
    2. If you have more than one VAT rate, then it will show a breakdown.
  2. How can I see what VAT rates my products are set at/find all the products sold at "x"%?

    1. Go to Products > Product List > and filter by the VAT rate needed. Please note that the variants can have different VAT rates from the parent products, and the variants will need to be updated individually.
    2. For more queries about VAT please click here
  3. How can I see my MISC sales?

    1. You can see this in the Product Report. Simply run the date range needed, then scroll down to the bottom, and search "MISC" in the search bar.

    2. To see the exact sales where the MISC button was used, you can go to Overview > Export Transaction > run the date range and it will email you the raw data. Open it in Excel/Google Sheets, and in the Sales Item tab, run a search for "MISC" under the item type column. 
  4. Why do I have a lot of negative MISC sales?

    1. The most common reason for this would be that refunds are being processed from the POS app without selecting the items to be refunded. When the sale is refunded but the items in the sale not ticked, the system processes it as a MISC refund. There's more information about how to refund here.
  5. Why is the VAT on my MISC sales wrong?

    1. The VAT for MISC items is set on the POS app at the time of sale. The system will allow a VAT rate to be chosen from a dropdown. The dropdown will contain all the VAT rates that you have active in the back office under Setup > VAT Rates. 
  6. How can I see a breakdown of my sales/VAT amount per day/hour/week etc?

    1. The Advanced Sales and Product Reports are best for this, under Reports > Advanced Reports. Then run the date range and be sure to change the time breakdown as needed.