VAT Queries – FAQ

How do I apply a different VAT rate on takeaway?
Firstly, ensure that you have this function enabled on your back office by going to Settings > Global Settings > Enable Eat-in/Takeaway Product option > Save.
Then go to edit your product. You’ll see midway down the page a section for takeaway settings:


You can now choose to have a different price and VAT rate on takeaway.
On your till, you’ll need to enable the eat-in/takeaway feature as well. You can do this by going to the cog at the top right > Settings > General Settings > Enable Eat-in/Takeaway > Enable Prompt. This will now allow you to tell the system whether the items in the sale are for eat-in or takeaway, and the system will then apply the VAT rate accordingly.


How can I set a different VAT rate for products ordered through Goodeats?
If you go in to edit your product, midway down the page you’ll see a Goodeats settings section:

VAT_GEHere you can select a different price and VAT rate for products bought through the Goodeats platform.


For items ordered through Goodeats, how do I set a different VAT rate for items ordered through drop-off/table ordering separate to items ordered for takeaway?
In the product settings, you can select different price/VAT rate on Goodeats:

This will allow you to have a different VAT rate and price depending on the fulfilment type. 


I have alcoholic drinks which are mixed with non-alcoholic options – how do I manage the VAT?
How you manage the VAT is up to you – but please see below for an explanation of how our system manages the VAT:

Example 1) 1 product called Rum & Coke – The system will apply the VAT rate for that product (usually 20%).

Example 2) 1 product called Rum & Coke, but the coke/non-alcholic mixer is a modifer  – The system will apply the VAT rate for that product (usually 20%).

Example 3) Rum & Coke but split into two products; one product for rum @ 20% VAT, and another, separate product for coke @ 5% VAT – The system will apply the 20% VAT to the rum, and the 5% VAT to the coke.