Receipt Template

Receipt Template

The receipt template is how you can edit what the receipt will look like once it has been printed from the printer to give it to your customer and/or keep a copy for yourself.


How to create a Receipt template

Please go to: Setup > Receipt Templates.

Please click on the ‘+Add new receipt template’. Alternatively, you can choose to edit the default template that has already been created for you.


How to edit and use the Receipt template


You have the option to fill out all necessary fields that are relevant to your business.

These can include the receipt title, store address, receipt text and VAT number.

The receipt title is what will be printed out as the title on the top of the receipt.

The receipt text can be a thank you message for your customers or anything relevant to their purchase that you would like to add.

If you are VAT registered, you have the option to input this number for your customers to see.

receipt info

You are also able to upload your logo to include on the receipt. Please click on the ‘Choose file’ button and choose your logo.

logo-1Note – The image chosen must be a jpeg/jpg file with a size of 520px width for a centered logo.


You are also able to see a preview of your template on the right hand side of the page.

You also have the option to either hide or show a few details such as the VAT breakdown for that sale, order number and staff member who served the customer. Enabling these will also show on the preview for you to see before submitting.

You can also tailor your tickets to show prices or order numbers:


For examples on how the printouts look, please follow the link here.