SumUp Card Reader Payout Reconciliation

Information on payouts from sales processed through your SumUp card reader

Payouts are how the money from your transactions makes its way to you. By default, payouts, minus the transaction fee, are sent to your bank account. But you can change your payout settings to your SumUp Business Account instead to enable next-day payouts. You can also set how often you’re paid.

For more information about your SumUp payouts please click here.


  1. Why doesn't my SumUp payout match what the POS back office reports are telling me?
    1. Check that, for your SumUp data you're looking at the transactions for that day, not the payout data as some sales can take longer than others to be paid out to you, and therefore won't match up day to day to your POS back office. 
    2. To compare the data fairly, download the transaction data from the SumUp website by going to All Reports > Transactions Report > download the report for the correct time range. Then in the SumUp POS back office ( go to Overview > Export Transactions, select the same date and time, and export. Then you can compare the data, and it should match. If not, proceed to step C.
    3. Check whether Trial mode is enabled in the back office by going to Users > Staff. You can also check whether anyone has used trial mode on the till by going to the cog at the top right > App version > Lockout logs > check to see if Trial was used. When trial mode is used no information is recorded in the SumUp POS back office, but it will still be recorded in your SumUp card reader account. Therefore if trial mode is on and being used, you will have a discrepancy. If you're certain trial mode isn't being used, proceed to step D. 
    4. Check your voided sales. Any voided sales will not be counted in your POS reports, but if the money has been taken through SumUp, it will show in your card reader accounts reports. To see voided sales, in the POS back office go to Sales > run the date and time range > filter by voided sales. Or check the export transaction data you looked at in step B. Check through these voided sales to see if any are SumUp sales. You can un-void them in the POS back office by selecting "mark as complete" when you click on the sale. Then re-run your report. If you're still seeing discrepancies proceed to step E.
    5. Check the flagged sales. For more information about flagged sales and how to fix them please click here
    6. If all of the above has been covered and you're still seeing discrepancies, please email our support team at with:
      1. Your subdomain name and outlet name(s)
      2. The exact date and time ranges you're looking at 
      3. Attach the export from your SumUp account ( for the specified date and time ranges.
      4. Send us the lockout logs from all your POS app(s) by going to the POS app > tap on the cog at the top right > App Version > Lockout Logs > Send Data. Please confirm in your email that this has been sent. 
      5. Send us the debug data from all your POS app(s) by going to the cog at the top right > Send Debug Data > Confirm. Please confirm in your email that this has been sent. 

Please note that we will be unable to assist further without all of the above information