Resetting your TSP100 LAN printer

If your printer's IP address is set to static and you've had a change in ISP or router, you'll need to reset the printer so that the IP address changes to DHCP so it's able to connect to your new router. 

  1. Turn your printer off at the switch on the side
  2. Open the paper hatch and leave it open
  3. With the paper hatch open, hold down the Feed button and while you're holding it down, switch the printer back on. Keep holding the feed button.
  4. Keep your finger on the Feed button until the Ready and Error lights start to blink blue and red. Once they start flashing, release the Feed button. 
  5. Close the paper hatch. 
  6. Turn off the printer. When you power it back on, the printer will be set to DHCP. 

If you're following these steps because you've had a change in router, you'll now be able to connect your printer, but you'll also need to change the IP address back to static to ensure a more stable connection. Please follow the steps here for this.