Product not found on the till

This article helps troubleshoot the reasons a product doesn't show on your POS app

  1. Firstly, have you refreshed the POS app with the logo at the top left?
  2. Then, has the product been created in the back office (in the right outlet!). To learn more about how to set products up, please follow the steps here
  3. Then check if the product has been added to your selling layout. This is the most common reason for the issue! Go to Setup > Selling Layouts > edit the Selling layout > select the product from the left hand side list, so that it appears as a tile on the right hand side. Remember to press Submit to save any changes!
  4. Now check if the correct selling layout is linked to your register profile. Check the name of the selling layout that you've edited, and then go to Setup > Registers > edit the register you're using (the register name will show on the POS app at the top of the screen next to "Lockout") and check that under "selling layout" that the right layout is linked. 

Please note that for any changes in the back office, you'll need to sync that to the POS app by tapping the logo at the top left.