How to change the SumUp card reader account linked to your POS app

If your POS app is linked to the wrong SumUp account, look at the steps below for how to un-link and re-link to the right account.

Please note that the below steps are advised if you are using SumUp POS and SumUp card readers together. If you are only using SumUp, please refer to the articles here.
If you're just setting up an account for the first time, please follow the steps here.
  1. Delete the POS app

    1. Before you do this, perform a Force Sync on the POS App by tapping on the cog at the top right > App Version > Force Sync > Confirm. Ensure that it advises you that it was successful.
    2. You will also need your SumUp POS and SumUp card reader account login details handy.
    3. Then come out of the app, find the POS app icon, press and hold, and select delete.
  2. Reinstall the POS app

    1. Go to the App Store, search for SumUp POS, and download it. 
    2. Log in as normal with your SumUp POS account details. 
    3. Choose which register to make active, and toggle your General and Payment settings (you can always return to these settings later on if needed)
    4. Allow all access from the pop up notifications.
    5. Go to the cog at the top right >  Settings > Payment Settings > Enable SumUp > Update Checkout preferences, and login with your SumUp card reader account details.
  3. Check the back office (to perform refunds)

    1. In the SumUp POS back office, go to Apps > SumUp. 
    2. Ensure that the right SumUp card reader account is linked.
    3. You might also want to check that the credentials entered in the back-office and in the POS App are matching to avoid confusion and potential discrepancies when checking your transactions and reports.