Goodeats - Pay by Account

How to let your customers pay for their Goodeats orders by using the credit on their account

Please note that this function needs to be enabled by the support team. Please email to request this function to be added.


You will need to know the user’s email ahead of time so that you can create the customer correctly in the back office (with the same email) and setup the balance. To do so please follow the steps here.


  • The account payment method can only be used to pay off the whole order, not as part payment. Therefore the order total must be less than or equal to the customer’s account balance.
  • Customers can only use account payment once their Goodeats account has been verified, because their identity needs to be verified before letting them spend the account balance. This means the user will need to either:
    • Signup and click the link in their verification email outside of the order flow.
    • Signup during the order flow, pay by card, click the link in their verification email, then they can use account payment next time.
  • The customer SMS feature cannot be used, as this is only available when paying via Stripe.