Trial mode

What is trial mode and how to put the till in the mode

Trial mode is for when you want to test how to use the till, but not have your test sales information saved. When in trial mode, no information is synced to the back office.


We recommend, that once you are familiar with the till, you deactivate trial mode (from the back office > Users > Staff) so that it can't be used accidentally. Staff accidentally using trial mode is one of the leading causes of flagged sales and can cause payment discrepancies and reporting errors if misused.

If you use trial mode accidentally for real sales, there is no way to recover this information.

While the trial passcode can be used on the SumUp Stock app as well allows you to perform many tasks other than sales. These would be recorded on the system as normal and the trial mode will not be taken into account. 

Please note that the trial passcode is only for the use in sales on the POS app. We recommend using the trial mode with and only non-integrated payment methods. Any sales taken through the card reader, the payment will be taken from the card and the sale will not be recorded on the POS app. 

How to put the till in trial mode

You can put it in trial mode by tapping lockout at the top right and entering in the pin 8888

If this pin doesn't work, then check that trial mode hasn't been disabled or overwritten in the back office by going to Users > Staff. If it isn't in the list, you can create it by putting the name as Trial and the pin as 8888

Once in trial mode, a yellow triangle should appear at the top of the register. Any transactions you now process won't be recorded. 

Please note that in this mode the email receipt function will not work - it will instead give a message indicating that the email has been sent to the queue, but it will not send. 

How to take the till out of trial mode

Select lockout and then enter your normal staff pin. The default pin is 1234, but this can be changed from the back office by going to Users > Staff.