POS App Syncing Guidelines

Follow the steps below to ensure your POS apps are syncing correctly.

  1. Stay in the POS app at all times, as pressing the home button on the iPad to come out of the app will break the connection and prevent table syncing or receipt/ticket printing.
  2. Ensure the iPad is set to “Never Lock” (Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-lock > Never Lock)
  3. Ensure the iPads are on the same and most up to date iOS and POS App version.
  4. Keep the iPads in the service area. Taking an iPad out of its WiFi zone will break the connection. Also keep the iPads out of any WiFi dead spots.
  5. Keep the WiFi private for use with the till system only. This will make sure that the network traffic remains clear.
  6. Please ensure that local sync is enabled in the POS app (Cog > Settings > General Settings > Enable Local Sync).
  7. Please make sure that the iPads do not have any other stored WiFi networks and so can only connect to the correct WiFi.
  8. Where possible, only use one iPad per table. This includes taking orders and printing bills. This will prevent conflicting information from two iPads.
  9. Ensure each iPad has its own unique register profile, rather than used on multiple devices.