Zapier is an automation tool that allows you to configuration integrations between applications and services using a visual editor instead of code.

SumUp POS provides a Zapier app which can run triggers when data changes in the SumUp POS store (such as a new sale being completed) and run actions in response to triggers from other apps (such as creating a new customer). All SumUp POS triggers run in near real-time – Zapier will be notified of triggers within 90 seconds of the event occurring.

Here’s a few examples of what you can do with Zapier:

  • Send new sale records to a Google Sheet for reporting
  • Send customers an SMS message when their online order has been accepted
  • Send new loyalty customers a welcome Email or SMS message
  • Add new loyalty customers to an Email or SMS marketing contact list

Integration in beta
Please be aware that our Zapier integration is currently in beta and may not be ready for production use.


The following triggers are supported.

POS data will incur a short delay
The SumUp POS application syncs data (such as new sales and customers) with our backend at a set interval, therefore there will be short delay between this data being recorded on the POS and the data being sent to Zapier because the data has not reached our backend yet. Similarly, most of the POS functionality is available offline, therefore Zapier may receive a batch of triggers when the POS regains an internet connection after being offline for some time.

Sale completed

Triggers when a sale is completed on the POS or via the API. This trigger will fire 60-90 seconds after a sale is completed.

Sale transferred

Triggers when a sale is transferred to a different table. This trigger will fire 60-90 seconds after a sale is transferred.

Sale voided

Triggers when a sale is voided on the POS, Backoffice or via the API. This trigger will fire 60-90 seconds after a sale is voided.

Please note a sale maybe be voided after it is marked as completed (eg due to voiding on the back office, or rejecting a web order). Therefore a sale may be processed by both the completed and voided triggers.

Customer created

Triggers when a new customer is created on the POS, Backoffice or via the API. This trigger will fire 0-60 seconds after the customer is created (depending on the store settings), including bulk imports in the Backoffice.

You can add a filter on the “source” field to only act on customers from a particular source (eg signup on the POS).


The following actions are supported.

Create customer

Create a new customer in the system. If supplied, the email address field must not match any existing customers.

Using the app

To use the app, you will need to use the public invite link bellow:


When you create your first Zap which uses the SumUp POS app, you will be prompted to sign in. Enter the subdomain, username and password for the store owner account for your store to continue. If an error message is displayed, either the credentials are incorrect or you are not using the store owner username and password.

Rather write code?

If you’re coding a custom integration, your integration can be notified of new events using webhooks.