Register Closures

Register Closures


A Register closure report shows you a summary of all your register closures within a specific period. You can filter by ‘register’ by selecting a specific register from the drop down menu under ‘Registers’ at the top of the page. You can also select a specific time period by entering a time frame under the ‘Date range’ menu at the top of the page.


A list of all your register closures within the specified time period will be displayed in a table below. The system will show you the total for each closure on the left-hand side as well as the name of the staff member who was responsible for each register closure. Again, you are able to download the data as a CSV file, simply hit the ‘CSV’ button at the top of the sheet.


By selecting a specific register closure from the summary list, you are able to see a detailed overview of each closure with a breakdown of the different payment methods, and the tag and category breakdown.



At the bottom of the individual closure summary, you are given the option to manually send the data to any of our integrated accounting services. For more information about how to integrate with these services, please visit the ‘Add-On’ tab via the ‘Back End Support Portal’ on our website. A tick will appear at the end of the register closure row once successfully sent.