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Product Margin/Markup

Here you can view all your products in terms of their individual selling price against their purchase price. The system will automatically calculate each product’s markup’, expressed as a percentage of wholesale costs, and each product’s profit margin’. This differs from the ‘Gross profit report’ which reflects profit on sold items and takes into account real time sales activity, where as this report shows the potential markup and profit margins of all your items within your system.

You have the option to filter by ‘categories’, ‘brands’, ‘suppliers’ and ‘tags’ as well as filtering by ‘VAT rate’ in order to isolate specific products.

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The report will also show a detailed breakdown of each product ordered by its ‘Purchase/Selling price’, ‘VAT rate’, ‘Product markup’ and ‘Profit margin’. You can search for a specific product by typing in the search bar at the top of the table on the right-hand side. You can also chose to download the data as a CSV file for your own records, simply hit the ‘CSV’ button.

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