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Barcodes and scanners

The Goodtill POS app supports adding products and assigning customers to a sale by scanning the barcode or QR code using either the iPad’s built-in cameras or a connected handheld scanner.

Scanning product barcodes

iPad camera

IMG_0045 (2)

To scan with the iPad’s built in camera, click the product search button, then the scan button. You can switch between the front and rear cameras if required (eg if the rear camera is obscured by a case or stand).

Handheld scanner

Once a scanner is connected, scan a product while the POS app is open on any screen. If the product is found it will be added to the open sale.

Scanning customer barcodes

iPad camera


To scan with the iPad’s built in camera, click the customer assign button, then the scan button. You can switch between the front and rear cameras if required (eg if the rear camera is obscured by a case or stand).

Handheld scanner

If the customer barcode is open in our Goodies loyalty app, you can scan the barcode from any screen. If the customer barcode is one you have distributed yourself (either via an app or physical card), you will need to tap the customer assign button and scan once the modal has opened.

Supported handheld scanners

The following table lists the scanners supported by the current version of the POS application.
1D scanners only allow scanning simple barcodes whereas 2D scanners can also scan QR codes.

ScannerBarcode typesConnection type
Socket Mobile SocketScan S8601D, 2DBluetooth
Socket Mobile SocketScan S8001DBluetooth
Socket Mobile SocketScan S7401D, 2DBluetooth
Socket Mobile SocketScan S7001DBluetooth
Socket Mobile CHS 7Xi1D, 2DBluetooth
Socket Mobile CHS 7Ci1DBluetooth

Supported scanners can be purchased on our webstore.

Connecting a handheld scanner

Follow these steps to connect a supported Socket Mobile bluetooth scanner:

  • Turn on the scanner by pressing the power button.
  • Scan the iOS/MFi-SPP mode barcode in the getting started guide / command sheet included with your scanner.
  • Navigate to the iOS bluetooth settings page on the iPad (Settings app > Bluetooth) and enable if required.
  • Select the scanner from the list, it will likely be named after the scanner model.
  • The scanner should now appear as connected.

To reset the connection or to enable pairing mode you can press power and trigger button at the same time for the iPad to connect to the scanner again.


If you have lost your getting started guide / command sheet needed to enter iOS mode, you can download the correct command sheet from the Socket Mobile Website.

Supported formats

You can use any barcode format supported by your chosen handheld scanner or the camera scanner in the Goodtill app. The following formats are supported by the camera barcode scanner and all supported handheld scanners:

FormatLengthBarcode type
UPC-A12 digits1D
UPC-E6 digits1D
EAN-1313 digits1D
EAN-88 digits1D
Code 39Variable1D
Code 93Variable1D
Code 128Variable1D
QR code (any format)Variable2D

When entering barcodes in to the system, please ensure that you enter all digits present in the barcode including leading 0s.

Adding barcodes to products

You can use either of the methods below to add barcodes to your products. After updating the products, please allow up to a minute for the changes to be sent to the iPads.

Via the product spreadsheet

The easiest way to add barcodes is by populating the barcode column in the product spreadsheet when importing your products in to Goodtill. You only need to add barcodes to simple (non-variable) products and product variants, do not add barcodes to the variable product header rows (rows where has_variant is 1). In the barcode column, enter a barcode in one the supported formats listed above.

If you have already imported your products and want to bulk-update the barcodes, you can enter the barcodes on a spreadsheet for Goodtill support to update:

  • Export a CSV of your existing products – In the Backoffice, go the product page and click “Export CSV”.
  • Add product barcode in the `barcode` column.
  • Save the spreadsheet and send the file to and request your barcodes to be updated.

Via the backoffice

Product barcodes can be edited by going to navigating to an individual product, entering the barcode and saving the product. If the product has variants, you will need to view the variants as the variant barcodes are not displayed on the main product page.

Adding barcodes to customers

The Goodies app provides barcodes
If your customers are using our Goodies loyalty app, a barcode will be generated in the app which is ready to scan. You will not need to follow the steps below.

When a customer barcode is scanned, the system will read the value stored in the barcode and look for a customer record where either the ID or Membership No matches the barcode value.

If you have already generated IDs for your customers (possibly because these exist from a previous system), you can set these as the customer Membership No by editing the customer in the backoffice. Please ensure that the values are unique per customer.

If you don’t have IDs generated already, you can use the Goodtill customer ID which is already generated and guaranteed to be unique. To get the ID, go to the customer page in the backoffice and click “Export CSV”.

If you already have physical loyalty cards for customers (eg due to a previous system), you will be able to use these as long as the barcode format is supported by the POS app and/or your handheld scanner. Simply enter the values as the customer Membership No in the backoffice.

Once the customer barcodes are set in the backoffice, please allow up to a minute for this data to sync to the iPad.


Product not found when scanning a barcode

IMG_0046 (2)

If you receive a “Product not found!” error when scanning a product on the POS, first check that the barcode in the error message matches the barcode on the product. If the barcode listed does not match the product this may indicate an issue with the scanner hardware.

If the barcode listed is correct, please ensure that the product is configured with this barcode by searching for the product name in the backoffice, inspecting the product and check that the barcode field is populated correctly.

Sometimes when populating barcodes via a spreadsheet, the spreadsheet program will convert the barcode to scientific notation (eg 1.2345678905e10) which will cause the value to be malformed and not recognized correctly.

Scanner not appearing in iOS settings

If this happens, please turn off the scanner (hold the scan and power buttons until it beeps) the follow the connection instructions above (including scanning the iOS mode barcode).

Need Further Helps?

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