This section is where you can add, edit or disable printers on your system.


How to add a new printer

To add a new printer to the system, go to > setup > printers > +Add new printer.


This will direct you to a default template of the printer configuration as below.


Now you need to enter the printer name (what the printer would be used for), select which outlet (store), type in the printer IP, and select the receipt printer type (receipt printer, kitchen printer, drinks printer, other printer).

To obtain the printer IP for a LAN printer, please refer to the printer’s section in the hardware guide.

For Bluetooth, this is generic and will always be BT:TSP100 OR BT:STAR MICRONICS

Note – this depends on what Bluetooth model you have. The newest and most used Bluetooth printer is the TSP100 III which will be BT:TSP100 whereas the older model is the 650 range.


You also have the option to enable a cash-drawer to open after the transaction has been completed, how many print copies you would like, if you would like the printer to make a noise when printing the receipt and which model you have. You also have the option to make the printer active or not.

Please note that if you’re adding new printer profiles, you will need to link them to your register(s) by going to Setup > Registers > Edit Register > Select printer from the dropdown.