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Goodtill’s Mailcimp integration syncs your Goodtill customer list with a Mailchimp marketing list. Customer names and email addresses will be synced to your chosen list if the customer is active and has opted-in to receive marketing material. Customers will be unsubscribed from the list if they become inactive, opt out of marketing or delete their Goodtill account via a GDPR request.


To enable the integration you will need an API key and an existing Mailchimp list:

  • Visit the dropdown in the top right, then “Account” option.
  • Go to the “Extras” dropdown, then “API keys” option.
  • Click “Create a Key”.
  • Copy the newly created key from the table.
  • Go to the Goodtill Mailchimp integration page.
  • Set the API key created in Mailchimp and enter the name of the Mailchimp list where the Goodtill customers should be added.


The are a few reasons why new POS customers wont be synced to Mailchimp:

  • Mailchimp believes the email is not real (eg just conists of random characters).
  • The selected Mailchimp list has required merge fields that we do not populate (anything other than |NAME|).
  • The customer has not opted in to email marketing in Goodtill.
  • The customer was previously subscribed to this list but has unsubscribed.
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