SumUp POS's KitchenCUT integration sends records of the items sold to KitchenCUT at the end of each day for reporting and stock management.

Once enabled, the following data will be sent from each completed sale:

  • Products sold – name, SKU, quantity, net value, category.
  • Modifiers included in products sold (optional) – name, SKU, quantnty.

If modifier data is sent, these will be sent with 0 net value because the price of the modifier is included in the price of the sold product line item.

Items can only be synced to KitchenCUT if a numeric SKU is set on the product or modifier. You may also want to set a category for each product as this data is also sent. Once the integration has been enabled, numeric SKUs will automatically be generated for all new products and modifiers.


  • Request the Tenant URL and API Key from KitchenCUT.
  • Enter these details on the KitchenCUT integration page in the SumUp POS Backoffice.
  • Provide KitchenCUT with the “Outlet EPOS ID” number displayed in the backoffice.

You may need to configure a matching KitchenCUT recipe for each SumUp POS product and modifier using the numeric SKUs set in SumUp POS. The product and modifier pages provide an option to export all items as a CSV including the names, prices and SKUs, which may be helpful when creating the receipes in KitchenCUT.