Goodeats FAQs

1. Can I process a partial refund?

A) Yes, you can do this from the back office > Reports > Goodeats Report > find sale > select sale > scroll down > select “Refund Transaction”.

2. Can I have a different layout for different fulfilment types?

A) Yes, this is available, link the different layout in the Opening Times section. 

3. Can you reject only one item and proceed with the rest?

A) No, you will have to reject the whole order and if the customer still wants the rest they will have to re-order.

4. On my Goodeats, it says my product is unavailable/out of stock, but it’s definitely in stock?

A) Please check – the stock level for the product in the back office > Products > Product Inventory > Search.
– On the POS, have you marked it as unavailable? Check by tapping the Web section > bottom left should indicate if any products are set to unavailable > toggle them back on.
On the Goodeats dashboard > Display Layout > Edit Layout >Check your settings for “allow sale of out of stock products”

5. How can I learn more about the Goodeats setup?

A) Please have a look at our videos here and our documentation here.

6. Can I have a different product prices and VAT rates for different fulfilment types?

A) Yes, please edit this in the product editing page > Product List > Edit (pencil button) > Select Different Price on Goodeats > Enter in the prices and VAT rates for the different fulfilment types.  

7. My Goodeats sales aren’t coming through to Xero?

A) Please check that it’s mapped correctly by going to Apps > Xero > Settings > Scroll down > Enable “Send Goodeats sales to Xero automatically” > Save.