Delivery Drivers

Using your staff as delivery drivers

On the back office:

Firstly, you’ll need to select/add your staff members to be drivers. You can do this in the back office by going to Users > Staff. 


You can select the pencil icon to edit an existing staff member, and you will see a new section “Courier/driver”. You can tick the box to indicate they are a courier and fill in their email address and mobile number. 

You can also select a display name for your staff member- this will be printed on the receipts/tickets instead of the normal staff name. 


On the POS:

On the POS app (please note you’ll need to be running version 7.8 or higher), remember to refresh with the logo in the top left corner to sync the changes you’ve made in the back office. 

Now when you select a delivery order, and you select “Dispatch”, it’ll give you the option of choosing any of your staff that you’ve marked as a “courier/driver”. 

Once you select your staff member, this will trigger an email to be sent from the back office to that staff member with the address only of the order. (Please note we are not sending any personal customer info or order info for security reasons).