Goodeats Analytics using Facebook (META) Tracking Pixels

Goodeats allows store owners to gain analytics insights into their stores using Facebook Tracking Pixels.

Tracked events

The following table lists which user interactions are logged via the Facebook tracking pixel and the additional data logged per event.

User action Event Data
View outlet page ViewPage content_name: Menu
View outlet info page ViewPage content_name: Info
View product variants page ViewPage content_name: Product – {product name}
View checkout page ViewPage content_name: Checkout
View payment page ViewPage content_name: Payment
Search products / categories Search search_string: {search query}
View promotions ViewContent content_name: Promotions
View product (long hold or view variable product page) ViewContent content_name: Product – {product name}
Add item to basket AddToCart content_name: {product name}
Checkout Purchase currency: {outlet currency}
value: {total paid amount}


To complete the setup, you will need to create a Tracking Pixel in the Facebook Events Manager, then configure the Pixel ID in all outlets where you want to enable tracking.

Create a Facebook Tracking Pixel

You only need to create 1 tracking pixel even if you have multiple outlets.

Follow the “Create a a Facebook pixel” section here

These steps are:

  • Go to Events Manager
  • Click “+ Connect data sources”
  • In the “Connect a new data source” dialog, select Web > Facebook pixel > Enter name, leave easy setup blank > Continue
  • A dialog will appear asking how you want to add the pixel to the website, you close this using the X in the top right.

To retrieve your Pixel Tracking ID, select the pixel you just created, then go to Settings and copy the value under “Pixel ID”. You can now enter this ID in the backoffice.

Apply tracking ID

Please contact SumUp POS support by email to to get the integration configured.


If you cannot see events from your device in the Facebook Events Manager, please check the following:

  • It may take up to 15 minutes for the first events to be tracked, please ensure you have waited an adequate amount of time before checking Events Manager.
  • Ensure that your device does not have an adblocker or tracking protection enabled.
  • Please ensure that DNT / Do Not Track is not enabled in your web browser.