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Global Settings

The global settings can be used to add a logo to the back-end system, control settings such as Ingredients, Table and Delivery modules and input system information such as your contact email or language toggle.

settings img

Here you are able to add the logo to your back-end system. Please click on Choose file and pick the relevant image that you would like for your system and click Submit.

The below image shows where you can enter your system information such as your name, contact email, language, time zone and display currency.

You can also enable the ingredients feature from here which will create a new tab on the left hand side called Ingredients where you are able to take stock inventory for ingredients.

You can also enable delivery and table modules from here, which once activated will show up on the front-end.

settings img 2

Once you make any changes please do not forget to click Save settings and refresh the front-end system to sync the changes.

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