Fourth Hospitality


Fourth provides multiple services that EPOS providers can send data to. SumUp POS currently supports the following Fourth integrations. You can set this up from your SumUp POS back office by navigating to Apps > Fourth. 

Both integrations will require you to request the credentials from Fourth and also to provide Fourth with the location id (found in your SumUp POS back office under Apps > Fourth). Please note that if you have multiple outlets, each outlet you set up will have a different location id. 

FnB Live sales (daily product report)

This integration sends details of all products sold to Fourth FnB Live at the end of each day. This integration is referred to as "Part 3" in the Fourth documentation.

Data mapping

Product sale records can only be sent to Fourth if a product SKU is set. Please ensure that all products have their SKU set to the PLU value provided by Fourth.

    Labour and Payroll (daily / hourly net revenue) 

    This integration reports the net sales figure to the Fourth Labour & Payroll service at the end of each day.

    Revenue can be reported once per day or hourly, however in order to support hourly increments the TransactionTypes (REV01 - REV24) must set-up in the back-end database by Fourth to facilitate the linking of sales into the correct hour slots. Confirm the configuration with Fourth before using the hourly interval. The revenue will be sent at the end of each day regardless of whether the daily or hourly interval is selected.

    Data mapping

    The Category and SubCategory codes used for the uploaded records are "NSA".