Feature Requests Explained

SumUp POS is constantly developing and working on products in response to your feedback. Each year we implement over 300 new features, enhancements or fixes across our product range!

We have a wonderful in-house development team that allows us to have full control, and react quickly and efficiently to client demands. We'll assess every request, no matter how big or small, but we do have to take into consideration demand across our entire customer base when deciding which features to implement. 

Feature Request States

When you submit a feature request you will be notified of any updates or comments posted by SumUp POS via email. 

You request will go through our step by step stage system, see below an explanation of each stage:

Awaiting Review The feature request has been submitted and is awaiting review.
Collecting Votes This feature request is public and awaiting votes and comments from other customers.
Planned We’re excited to add this feature to our solution - our engineering team is in the process of planning the implementation.
In Development The feature is currently being implemented.
Released The feature has been implemented and is now available.
Not Feasible Unfortunately this is not the right fit for our product at this point in time. We’ll leave it open for discussion in the meantime in case we bring it back for consideration.