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External Sale API


The Goodtill External Sale API allows orders to be sent to the Goodtill POS programmatically. Once an External Sale order is created, it will appear on the relevant Goodtill POS registers within 10 seconds.

If the order is marked as pre-accepted or accepted on the POS, the tickets will be printed and the order will be sent to the Kitchen Display application ready to be prepared, exactly the same as if the order was taken directly on the POS application. The operator can then advance the order state, depending on the type of order (delivery or collection) before marking the order as completed.

If the order is rejected on the POS application, the sale will be voided in Goodtill. The third party system can be notified of the rejection by polling the GetSale endpoint until the order is marked as complete.

External Sales are recorded in the backoffice and are comprised of Goodtill products, the same as standard POS sales, allowing both POS and External Sale data to be included in backoffice reports. The third party application which creates the order must process the payment – Goodtill only records the payment amount and method used for the transaction.

The following flowchart shows an External Sale moving through the system:

Goodtill External Sale


If you would like to use the External Sale API in your application, please contact for a Vendor-Id token.

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