PRO | Vouchers - FAQs

Common queries regarding the Voucher module

  1. The import of my vouchers keeps failing - why is this?
    1. The most common reason is the format of the date - it needs to be year-month-day. (with the hyphens). If it's still not working, email the file over to and we'll be able to review it and correct any formatting issues. 
  2. Can I integrate Vouchers with WooCommerce?
    1. No, unfortunately at the moment the integration doesn't support this. 
  3. Can Vouchers be redeemed through Goodeats?
    1. Yes, however this has to be enabled by us in advance. Please contact to have this added on to your SumUp POS settings. 
  4. How can I map my vouchers sold into my Xero integration as a liability?
    1. Firstly you'll need to have already integrated Xero with your SumUp POS account - please follow the steps here for how to do this. 
    2. Ensure that you have a liability account created in Xero. If you don't already have this then you can set it up in your Xero account by going to Accounting > Chart of Accounts > Add Account:
      1. select liability as the account type
      2. Add in a code
      3. Give it a name
      4. Ensure 'make payments to this account' is ticked
    3. Then in the SumUp Point of Sale back office in the Xero mappings page set up the integration to export by product or category. 
      1. If exporting by product, then go to Products > Product List > Search for Voucher > Edit > write in the liability account code into the account code field > Submit. 
      2. If exporting by category then go to Products > Category > Create a category called Voucher, and add in your Liability account code > Submit. Then go to  Products > Product List > Search for Voucher > Edit > and choose the Voucher category > Submit
    4. This will then send any voucher purchases to a liability account.