PRO | Vouchers - FAQs

Common queries regarding the Voucher module

  1. The import of my vouchers keeps failing - why is this?
    1. The most common reason is the format of the date - it needs to be year-month-day. If it's still not working, email the file over to and we'll be able to review it and correct any formatting issues. 
  2. When vouchers are sold, can the data be exported to Xero/Quickbooks?
    1. Yes, if the integration is set up. The information will be pulled through just like other revenue. You can even set the account code to send it to a specific account, just go to Products > Product List > Search Voucher > Edit > Input the account code > Submit
  3. Can I integrate Vouchers with WooCommerce?
    1. No, unfortunately at the moment the integration doesn't support this. 
  4. Can Vouchers be redeemed through Goodeats?
    1. No, this is something that is in the works but currently Vouchers can only be redeemed through the POS app. The workaround for the moment is to use Coupons to be redeemed through Goodeats.