MFA - Multi Factor Authentication

How to set up and use MFA on your SumUp POS back office

What is MFA?

MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) is an authentication method that requires you to provide an additional verification factor to gain access to the POS back office with your profile. MFA will not apply to the access to the POS, KDS, Admin or Stock apps. It isn’t a mandatory requirement, but it provides you with an additional layer of security for your SumUp POS account. Please note that if you enable MFA, this will only enable for yourself and would not affect any other users. 

Why use MFA?

Enabling MFA for your POS back office adds an extra layer of protection to secure the access to your account. It means that when logging in, you will need to provide your password as well as a code generated from the Google Authenticator app on your phone. 

How to enable MFA

  1. In the POS back office, navigate to Settings > Profile and click "Go to MFA" > then click "Enable".
  2. Then, download the Google Authenticator App on your phone from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Ensure that you are using a trusted phone/device to do so, as you will need this device to hand every time you need to log into the SumUp POS back office. If you lose your device then you will need to rely on the recovery codes (see step 6).

    If you have any issues with downloading or accessing the Google Authenticator, please follow the steps here.

  3. Once you have downloaded the app, open it and use it to scan the QR code that shows on your back office. 
  4. It will then generate a six digit code. Enter the code in the field in the back office, and press confirm. 
  5. The page will then confirm that MFA has been enabled. 
  6. It will display two recovery codes.

    These codes are extremely important as they will be your only backup should you lose access to your MFA device.

    If you lose your device and your recovery codes you will not be able to gain access to your account. 

How to disable MFA

Please note, that for security reasons the support team cannot disable MFA for you.

In the POS back office, navigate to Settings > Profile and click "Go to MFA" > then click "Disable MFA" > Confirm your choice.