Zettle Reader Troubleshooting

Common problems and fixes for the Zettle reader

1) The reader won't turn on

To turn the device on, please press and hold the button on the top right and wait for the connection to be established again. The Zettle device will last either approx. 8 hours or 100 transactions from a full charge. If the Zettle device doesn’t turn on, please connect the micro USB cable to the device and charge for approx. 1 hour from a wall socket using a plug adaptor or 1-2 hours using a computer.

2) The reader won't pair with the Goodtill POS

Please check that the Bluetooth is enabled on your iPad (Settings > Bluetooth > Enable) and please also ensure that the Goodtill POS app has permission to access Bluetooth. To check this go to the Settings on your iPad > Privacy > Bluetooth > Enable for Goodtill POS. 

3) I can't process a refund through the Zettle reader

Please double check your connection by trying to do a dummy sale with the reader (you can cancel the sale without paying for it, but it's just to check if the reader is able to get the information from the Goodtill app). If it can't connect please try re-pairing it (see the reader's setup page) 

To process your refund it will ask for your login details. Please note that these details are your Zettle details and not Goodtill details. The Goodtill support team can't view your Zettle login details so it's best to contact Zettle directly if you're having trouble logging in. 

For any other issues please have a look at Zettle's troubleshooting page for reader 1 and reader 2.