How to set up your Kiosk Hardware

Unboxing your Kiosk

The box you received will include the following:

1 x Elo 21.5" tablet (+ Power supply and cable)

1 x Counter pole & VESA mount

1 x Straight Bracket (+ screws)

1 x SumUp Air (+ Micro USB cable)

1 x SumUp card reader holder (+ screws)


Step 1

    Parts needed:

    • Pole (without the mount)




    1. Attach the pole to the desired surface
    2. The pole allows you to run the power cable though the base of the pole or the hole on the side placed just above the base




    Step 2

    Parts needed:

    • Elo tablet


    1. At the back of the tablet, remove the lids covering the ports. Plug the power cable in. 
    2. Make sure the side with the power cable is on the bottom side of the tablet when you attach the VESA mount. Feel free to put the lid back on for this side.


    Step 3


    Parts needed:

    • Straight bracket
    • SumUp Air holder
    • SumUp Air reader + USB cable


    1. On the end of the straight bracket, there are two little bumps. Line these 2 bumps with the holes on the back of the holder. 
    2. Using the 2 screws that came with the holder, screw it onto the straight bracket using the holes below and above the bumps.
    3. Insert the SumUp Air reader into the holder


    Step 4 

    Parts needed:

    • USB cable
    • Power cable
    • VESA mount



    Before attaching the straight bracket to the tablet, make sure to:

    1. Run the power cable through the VESA mount before plugging it in
    2. Remove the lids covering the USB and power ports 
    3. Connect all the necessary cables to the back (USB to charge the card reader and power cable)
    4. Re-apply lid covers to the tablet and avoid easy access to the cables


    Step 5

    Parts needed:

    • Straight bracket + SumUp holder
    • Elo tablet
    • VESA mount


    1. Put the tablet facing down onto a flat surface to have easy access to the screw holes at the back. 
    2. Line up the straight bracket onto the holes at the back of the tablet and then line up the holes of the VESA mount on top of the straight bracket.
    3. Using the screws that came with the straight bracket, put each one through the holes of the VESA mount, the straight bracket and into the screen. 


    Step 6

    Parts needed:

    • Tablet + Mount



    1. Once you have fixed the pole onto the necessary surface, slide the VESA mount (with the tablet attached) onto the counter pole.
    2. Tighten the black screw at the back of the mount with the allen key provided with the pole.





    Turning on your Kiosk

    1. Once the hardware is all set up and plugged in, the tablet should have turned on by itself and will already be configured
    2. Load the SumUp Kiosk app
    3. Tap “Network Settings” on the top right of the app and connect to the best WiFi connection
    4. Within the settings, search for “SumUp Kiosk” at the top > Select “SumUp Kiosk” from the list > Tap “Open”
    5. Tap “Login” and login by entering your SumUp account credentials
    6. Select your location 
    7. Select your terminal
    8. Login using your SumUp account again. This is to active the card reader.
    9. From this point onwards, you’ll see the customer flow. We recommend going through the flow and completing an order to make sure all components are working properly (SumUp reader and printer, if you have one)


    Logging in

    Login using your SumUp account. This needs to be the same Sumup account used to configure the Kiosk in the Sumup Portal.




    Select the necessary location for the kiosk you're setting up. (Locations were configured in Slide 10)






    Select the corresponding terminal template based on the location you’re setting up the kiosk in. (Terminals were configured in Slide 25)