SumUp POS delivery option

How to add collection and delivery orders via our delivery tab in the POS app

Please note that you will need POS app version 8.6 or higher, and that these delivery and collection orders are completely separate to collection and delivery orders placed through Goodeats


Firstly enable the option on the backend by going to Setup > F&B Settings > Enable Delivery Module. 

Then refresh on the POS app with the logo at the top left. 

Frontend - Delivery

Click on Delivery at the top of the POS app, then click on New Delivery:

Delivery Section

Then enter in the details of the customer along with their address. If you already have their details in the system, just search for their name:

New delivery order1

When you're done, select Add order, and add the items to the basket as normal. Press take order when ready:

Add items for delivery

Then when you're ready for it to go out, Select Out, and confirm the order once more:


COnfirm order

It will ask you to select a driver (you can set these up as staff from the back office):

Delivery driver

Once confirmed, it will be out for delivery, and you just need to record the payment by pressing PAY:

Pay for order

Frontend - Collection

Click on Delivery at the top of the POS app, and then select New Collection:

Delivery Section

Enter in the customer's details and the collection time:

Collectino times

Select Add order, and then choose the items to go into the order as normal:


Collection items

Select Take Order when ready, and it will take you back to this screen, where you can see the details of the order and edit it if needed.

Collection order

When the customer comes to collect just select PAY and take payment in the normal way:

Pay collection order