Goodeats Stripe Payouts FAQs

Common questions and answers about the Stripe payouts

Q) Why is my payout from Stripe different to the amount recorded in the Goodtill Goodeats Report?

A) This can be due to a few reasons:

  1. Fees have been deducted. The amount that is paid out by Stripe is the Sale Amount plus Sale Tips, minus the Fee Total. These figures are all available in the Goodeats Report > Reports > Goodeats Report. 
  2. Sales might have been voided in the backoffice instead of being refunded. This causes the payment to appear in the Stripe payout (because it was never retracted) but is not counted from the Goodeats report (because it's voided). 
  3. A sales refund processed after a few days. This causes the reports to not count those sales, but they'll be included in the payout because the payout occurred before the refund. Similarly, a payout may be less than expected because it contains a refund of a sale from a few days ago.
  4. Partial refunds. Currently the total fee value doesn't consider fees returned from partial refunds, so this may cause the amounts to look slightly different.