Goodeats Customer Statement Descriptors

How to set the descriptor that will appear on your customer's statement when they order through your Goodeats store.

Statement descriptors explain charges or payments on bank statements. By using clear and accurate statement descriptors can reduce chargebacks and disputes. 

The store display name is used as the statement descriptor which appears on the customer's card statement.

This can be edited in the backoffice by going to Goodeats > Outlet Details > Store Display Name.

Please note that Stripe has rules concerning what can be used as a descriptor: 

A complete statement descriptor – either a single static descriptor or the combination of a prefix and suffix – must meet the following requirements:

  • Contains only Latin characters.
  • Contains between 5 and 22 characters, inclusive.
  • Contains at least one letter (if using a prefix and a suffix, both require at least one letter).
  • Does not contain any of the special characters < > \ ' " *.
  • Reflects your doing business as (DBA) name.
  • Contains more than a single common term or common website URL. A website URL only is acceptable if it provides a clear and accurate description of a transaction on a customer’s statement.