F&B Settings

If you're in the hospitality sector, you'll see a section for F&B settings.


Course Management

Here you can enable course management, which will group the products printed on tickets into the assigned courses. You will first need to create the course labels (please note that they will print in the order listed here). Then you will need to assign each of your products to a course.



Here you can enable the delivery module (please note that this is an older module, and has been superseded by the Goodeats module), or the table module. 


Other Settings

Here you can enable Ingredients (please view our ingredients page for more information on this) and the Eat-in/Takeaway Product option. 

You can also set your cover calculation mode to:

"table" - recommended - where it calculates the covers based on how many people are sat at the table (typed in by your staff member when opening a table)

or "smart cover" - where it calculates the covers based on the number of "main" products ordered in the sale (you have to mark in advance in the product settings whether it is a "main" product). 


KDS Settings

You can configure settings for your KDS if you have that module enabled, and you can configure preset messages for your kitchen to send from the tables section on your POS app.