Advanced Stock - Reports

How to view and understand your stocktake reports

In the back office you’ll be able to see your stock report by going to Stock > Stocktake > Click on the report > Select “View Report” (highlighted below):


Your first stocktake is essentially the baseline for the system, so you won’t be able to view the report for it, but all subsequent stocktakes will include the option to view a report which will look similar to the below:

Item: Product or ingredient name (please note that the reports separate out ingredients and products)

SKU: SKU number

Category: Category

Delivery Code: (Redundant function)

Barcode: Barcode

Last Count: Count of product from last stocktake

Received: The amount of any deliveries of this product received (when created from a PO in the back office) since the last stocktake

Sold: Number of this product sold since the last stocktake

Wastage: The amount of this product wasted since last stocktake

Tr/Out: The amount of this product transferred into this outlet since last stocktake

Tr/In: The amount of this product transferred out of this outlet since last stocktake

Expected: The amount the system expects you to have, based on Received, Sold, Last counted, Wastage, Tr/In and Tr/Out. 

Counted: What you have counted in this stocktake

Variance: Any differentiation between what the system expects and what you’ve counted

Cost Price (Current Stock): counted x cost price

Retail Value (Current Stock): counted x retail value

Cost Price (Variance): expected x cost price - counted x cost price

Retail Value (Variance): expected  x retail value - counted x retail value

Variance %: = ((Variance / (Sold + Wastage))*100)%. For example if 90 are sold and 10 are marked as wastage and the variance is 5, then the variance percentage will be 5%