Advanced Stock - FAQs

Common queries regarding the Advanced Stock Module

  1. I’ve completed a stock count but the stock levels now look incorrect
    1. Please review whether you have counted in the correct unit (i.e store unit or supplier unit as these can be different!)
  2. I can’t select a normal stocktake
    1. Please check whether you have any templates active in the back office (Stock > Templates > Stocktake Templates). You will need to make them inactive in order to select a normal stocktake.
  3. The Stock Report isn’t being generated
    1. If this is your first stocktake it won’t generate a report

    2. Depending on the amount of entries, the report may take a little while to generate - if it takes over an hour please contact the support team at

  4. I’ve made a mistake in my stock count
    1. No worries - you can adjust this in the back office by going to Stock > Stocktake > Select the edit button at the end of the row to adjust the quantities
  5. A product isn’t showing in my stocktake list
    1. If you are sure the product is in the back office, it’s most likely that you haven’t synced the iPad before starting the stocktake. You can test this by pausing the stocktake that you’re in, then refresh the app by tapping in the area at the top left corner of the screen - a window should appear to say “Settings up to date”. Then start a new stocktake to see if the product appears in it. 
  6. I’m missing the partial stock count option
    1. In app version 2.5 and higher, we’ve removed the partial stock count option to streamline the stocktake experience. You’ll now be given one option to start a stocktake that will load all of your items, but you don’t have to count all of them - you can choose to count just the ones you want. Based on client feedback, we’ve added in the option to count items as zero as well.