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Import products into the Good Till from Woocommerce

If you have an existing Woocommerce store containing products, the plugin can export a CSV of all products which can then be imported in the Good Till back office, making them ready for sale on the POS.


Import products into Woocommerce from the Good Till

If you are creating a new Woocommerce store, the plugin allows directly importing all Good Till products, or a subsection of products, into Woocommerce ready for sale on your online store.


Stock sync

This plugin can automatically sync stock between the Good Till back office and Woocommerce. The Good Till will become the “master” store of stock quantities which will then be synced to Woocommerce.

Stock levels are synced for a given product following events occur:

  • When a user views a product on the Woocommerce store, a check is performed to see how long ago the stock level for this product was synced with the Good Till. If this period is longer than the cache duration, the stock level is synced and updated in Woocommerce. The cache duration can be changed in the settings page.
  • When an order is created on the Woocommerce store, the stock level of each of the purchased products is subtracted from the Good Till stock quantity. In the event of an order being cancelled or returned, the stock that was taken from the Good Till stock quantity will be  added back.

Background syncing for stock levels of all products can be also be enabled in the settings. This will be required if your store hides out of stock products.

Please note: Any changes to stock level within the Woocommerce inventory interface will not be synced back to the Good Till back office. The Good Till back office should be used to manage the stock quantity instead.

Please note: The “Take stock from parent” option for product variants is not supported when syncing with Woocommerce.


Tax classes

The Good Till and Woocommerce handle taxes differently. The Good Till allows a VAT rate to be set for each product, whereas Woocommerce assigns a Tax Class which will calculate the applicable tax at the time of sale, based on the store or customer region. This plugin allows for each Good Till VAT rate to be mapped to a Woocommerce tax class in the settings page. For example your items with a VAT rate of 20% could be mapped to the “Standard” tax class and items without VAT could be mapped to the “Zero rate” tax class.

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