Making A LAN Printer IP Address Static

In this article, we will address how to change your LAN printers IP address from DHCP to static

By default your new printer will be set to obtain a DHCP address. This means when it connects to your router it will assign itself a random address each time the device reconnects.

This can cause problems as the IP address for your printer is set in the back office and if it changes you will need to edit this every time.

We can solve this by setting the printer to get a static IP address, this means the address will stay the same each time the printer reconnects.

Get a self-print from the printer by holding down the feed button while you switch it on. It will self-print, pause, then continue printing out its IP Address.


Type this address into a web browser of your choice.

From the left panel of the new utility screen tap on 'Login'.


Enter the login details as shown below with 'root' as the default username and 'public' as the password. You'll probably be prompted to change the login credentials. Press 'OK' to change them or 'Cancel' to leave them as default.


Now tap on 'IP Parameters' from the left of the refreshed screen.


Tap on 'Static' as shown below.


In the refreshed screen type the current IP parameters shown on the self-print from earlier. Tap on the 'Submit' button as shown below.


The 'Save' button in the left panel will start to flash red prompting you to save. Tap on that.


and you should see the following screen.


Press the execute button. This will save the settings button and reboot the printer which will self print its connection settings. The IP Address will have (Static) after it as shown below.