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Goodtill provides a Shopify app for syncing products and stock levels with Goodtill.

Currently unavailable
This integration is currently unavailable to new customers. We are working to provide an improved solution for syncing data with Shopify.

This feature requires the E-commerce module, contact to add this module to your account.


Import products into Shopify from Goodtill

If you are creating a new Shopify store, this app will automatically import all Goodtill products in to Shopify ready for sale on your online store. Optionally, you can choose to keep the product details such as name, price and variants in sync with Goodtill.

Customer syncing

Customer records for Shopify orders can optionally be synced back to Goodtill, so that customers that shop online can easily be assigned to sales in the POS when they also shop in store.

Stock syncing

This app allows syncing the stock levels between Goodtill and Shopify, using Goodtill as the “master” source of stock values, which are then copied over to Shopify.

Stock levels will be in the following cases:

  • The stock values for all published products will be fetched from Goodtill and updated in Shopify roughly every 10 minutes.
  • When an order is placed in Shopify, the stock will immediately be decremented in Goodtill. The reverse is true in the case of a return or order cancellation.

Stock Sync


To install the Goodtill Stock Sync app, please make sure you are logged in to your Shopify store, then click the button below and enter your store URL then follow the prompts.


A document containing technical information can be found here.


What do I need to get started?

  • A Goodtill account with the E-commerce module enabled.
  • Your Goodtill back office login details for either the store owner user or any user with Admin privileges.
  • A Shopify store.

Does the plugin support products with variants and attributes?

Yes, products with variants and attributes are supported.

Can I set different product details in the two systems?

Yes. By default, product data for products imported in to Shopify will be kept in sync with Goodtill, however this can be disabled in the settings. Product data is not synced from Shopify to Goodtill.

How does stock syncing affect the Shopify out of stock state?

Shopify will mark the product as out of stock if quantity in Goodtill is 0 or the product has track inventory disabled. You can disable stock syncing for a product by changing the “Inventory Policy” and “Fulfilment Service” to Shopify instead of Goodtill.

Why might my products stock levels not sync?

If products are matched by SKU, this may be due to:

  • The product may share its SKU with another product or one of its variants.
  • The SKUs may be different in the Goodtill and Shopify.

Can I disable the plugin after importing products?

The plugin can safely be disabled at any time if you do not need the stock syncing functionality.

Can I connect more than one Shopify store to the same Goodtill store?

Yes – this will not cause any problems. If a product is sold on store A, the stock will be decremented in store A and Goodtill. Within the next hour, store B will be updated with the new lower stock value from Goodtill.

Need Further Help?

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