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Park/Void/No Sale/Mark as Waste/Petty Cash

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These options can be accessed by tapping on the ‘ … ‘ icon next to the order number.


Park: This option enables you to save sales to be completed at a later stage of the day, week or month. You are able to add a ‘note’ to each saved sale and they can be accessed by going to the settings on the top right-hand side and then going to saved sales.


Void: This option enables you to clear out the sale and start a fresh order.


No Sale: This option enables you to open the cash drawer without putting a sale through.


Mark as waste: This option enables you to send wasted products into a report for back-end use.


Petty Cash: This options enables you to take cash out of the till, you can enter the amount and a note as a reference. This is recorded on the back end system.

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