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Pairing Payment Sense

Ensure that your payment sense device is placed in its cradle and is securely connected to a power source. Next, ensure that it is connected directly to your router via an Ethernet cable in order to establish a secure network connection.


On the iPad:


1. Press the home button

2. Navigate to Settings Page

3. Tap on Wi-Fi

4. Tap on the current Wi-Fi connection

5. Note down the iPad’s unique IP Address (see image below for example)


test 11


On the Payment sense card reader:


1. Tap on the MENU button

2. Select the option SUPERVISOR

3. Enter the password (i.e. 123456)

4. Select CONFIG (F3)

5. Select TILL IP

6. Insert the IP Address of the iPad

7. Insert the IP Port 50428

8. Reset the card reader by pressing and holding both CLEAR and . , ‘ buttons

9. Turn on the card reader by pressing and holding the ENTER button


To check whether your device is now connected to your iPad, open up the Good Till App and ensure ‘Payment Sense’ is selected as a payment option by going to ‘Options’>’Settings’>’Payment Settings’. Process a sale and check whether the the device is successfully communicating with your system. If you encounter any problems/issues please call our support line (0203 322 4095)

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