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Goodeats – Partial Refunds

You can do full and partial refunds for Goodeats orders.

This will need to be done from the back office.

Firstly, find the order that needs to be refunded > Back office > Reports > Goodeats Report > Run date range > Select Web order.

Then press “Refund”:

Refund Transaction

and the system will ask you whether you’d like to refund in part or in full: Refund2


If you choose a partial refund, it will ask you to enter how much you want to refund:

partial refund

You’ll also be able to write in the reason for the refund, and your customer will also receive an email to confirm the refund that you’ve made.

Please note that although we initiate the refund straight away, the time it takes to process the refund can vary depending on your payment processor and your customer’s bank. 


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